Our boudoir parties are so much fun! Grab five of your closest friends and let's hang out at a fancy AirBNB! We require at least 6 people to host a boudoir party. Hair and makeup usually takes about an hour, and the session lasts about an hour, so you will be here minimum of two hours. Don't worry, there will be champagne!
$400+tax per person

Boudoir PArty

Our solo boudoir session is exactly as is sounds. Solo. Just you and a photographer. These sessions last about an hour. Get ready to be pampered!

Solo Boudoir

Listen, we don't want to make this complicated. We have two options. A solo session, or a boudoir party. That's it. 

What is a boudoir party? A boudoir party is a whole day of boudoir sessions. We will rent out an Air BNB, hire a hair and makeup artist, grab a bottle of champagne, and party together! These will be one hour long sessions. Get all of your friends together and let's do this!

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